Friday 29 March 2024 - 22:45

ISIL an American, Israeli Organization: Senior Cleric

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ISIL an American, Israeli Organization: Senior Cleric
Ayatollah Khatami made the remarks while speaking at the sermons of Friday prayers in the Iranian capital.

Referring to the recent terrorist attack in Moscow, he said, "We condemn terrorism everywhere in the world. ISIL is nothing but America. The producer of ISIL is America. ISIL is an American and Israeli organization."

Referring to the ongoing Israeli war in the Gaza Strip, Khatami underlined that this year's Quds Day would be held more magnificently.

Emphasizing that the Zionist regime does not have the ability to defeat the Resistance, he said that the Resistance is already emerged victorious over the Zionists.

Their crimes in Gaza show the desperation of the usurping Israeli regime, he stressed.