Sunday 31 March 2024 - 22:51

Hezbollah's Missile, Mortar Attack on 2 Zionist Bases

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Lebanon's Hezbollah continued to target the gathering centers of Zionist soldiers and their bases on the border with occupied Palestine.

Hezbollah announced that to support the steadfast Palestinian nation in the Gaza Strip and to support its brave resistance, the Resistance combatants targeted the Ramim barracks of the Zionist regime with a mortar attack.

In another statement, Hezbollah emphasized that it directly targeted the Al-Malkiyeh base with Burkan missiles.

Hezbollah and the Israeli regime have remained engaged in missile and drone strikes on each other targets since the regime launched its war on Gaza in October last year.

The Palestinian Health Ministry in Gaza has announced that the death toll from the Israeli genocidal war on the besieged territory has risen to 32,333 since early October.