Tuesday 2 April 2024 - 07:43

Hezbollah MP: When Time Comes, We’ll Be into the Confrontation that Brings down the Enemy

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Hezbollah MP:  When Time Comes, We’ll Be into the Confrontation that Brings down the Enemy
Raad made the remarks during a ceremony held by Hezbollah to honor martyr Hussein Ali Zhoor in the Lebanese town of Yohmor al-Shaqif.
Raad explained that the objective “is simply to put pressure on the enemy to stop its aggression against Gaza. It cannot win, and the resistance must remain active and effective in Gaza because its survival makes it easier for any resistance group in the world to carry on.
“If this enemy is able to eliminate the resistance in Gaza, the tyrants will use the same method every time with every country and people to end every path of resistance in the world.” 
The Lebanese MP believes that “no one can achieve the goal of eliminating tyranny in the world and in our region with a knockout blow. Rather, we act with the utmost wisdom and clear vision, and we know the extent of the enemy’s capabilities. We are preparing to safeguard ourselves from its attack and ensure it can’t prevent us from achieving our goal of pressuring it to stop its aggression.” 
“It will stop this aggression,” Raad declared.  
Furthermore, he explained that we are witnessing a distribution of roles between “Israel” and the US administration. Raad said Washington is the exclusive agent for all evil and tyrannical countries in the world. It is the one that takes care of and directs the Zionist entity and sends its most important generals to its operations room in order to plan and advise the “Israelis”.
“Do not believe that the American administration wants a ceasefire in Gaza. It is more keen than the ‘Israeli’ enemy to continue firing, but it doesn’t want too much embarrassment over massacres against [Palestinains] civilians because this embarrassment has an electoral impact on US President Joe Biden,” the MP added.
“They distribute roles in managing the fighting, but they have an understanding that the goal is to kill and continue firing.
“When we force the Zionist enemy to cease fire, we are only twisting the arm of the American administration.”
Raad concluded by pointing out that “When the time comes for an attack that will lead us to our goal in the easiest, least expensive, and quickest way, we will not hesitate to make our decision in the confrontation that brings down the enemy and prevents it from achieving its goals in the battle.”