Tuesday 2 April 2024 - 07:48

“Israel’s” Nightmare: War with Hezbollah Expensive, Energy Supplies Are Much Affected

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“Israel’s” Nightmare: War with Hezbollah Expensive, Energy Supplies Are Much Affected
The price tag is 2 billion shekels [around $550 million].
“Any war with Hezbollah will be very expensive," Laredo said. "The missile strikes against ‘Israel’ from Lebanon will double and reach about 5,000 shells.”
“The missiles will have an extensive affect on supply chains in ‘Israel’, and when the first ship catches fire off the coast, other ships will lose their motivation to come to us, keeping in mind that 99% of all goods reach us by sea,” Laredo warned.
For his part, the director of the Emergency and Functional Continuity Department at the “Israeli” Noga Electricity Network Management Company, Bar Cohen, expects power outages in “Israel” in case of a war in the North.
“No one knows how to commit to energy continuity,” he said. "The immediate impact of the war in the North will be on natural gas supplies, as approximately 70% of electricity in ‘Israel’ is produced based on the availability of gas."
He stressed that “immediately after the outbreak of war, the three natural gas platforms on which electricity is produced will stop, and electricity will be produced by relying on alternative fuels. This will cause great damage to the systems of electricity production and distribution through networks, whether as a result of missile launches, the outbreak of fires, or damage to columns and transformers.”
Earlier, the director of Noga, which manages the electricity sector in "Israel", Shaul Goldstein, recommended that settlers acquire charging batteries for cell phones, in addition to storing household gas and keeping the car tank full.
Goldstein made the recommendations during an interview with “Israel’s” Channel 12 and forecast a grim scenario if Hezbollah struck the power plants.