Tuesday 2 April 2024 - 07:55

US House to Consider Ukraine Aid Bill in April

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US House to Consider Ukraine Aid Bill in April
"The speaker has made it clear that he supports Ukraine both directly to (Ukrainian President Vladimir) Zelensky - publicly, he's made these statements - and to the secretary general of NATO. The speaker has made very clear statements that when we get back (from a recess), it's the next top agenda, after having just passed all the bills that fund the federal government. I believe this is going to have overwhelming support in Congress, and we'll put a bill on the president's desk," he said in an interview.
Turner was asked whether the current legislation will need to be tweaked to either include loans that Ukraine would have to pay back or incorporate clauses about border security to gain approval.
He said, "There already is a significant and very strong support among Republicans."
Earlier this week Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman General Charles Q. Brown held a meeting with the Washington-based Defense Writers Group, where he commented on the prospect of supplying Kiev with ATACMS missiles, TASS reported.
When asked whether a transfer of ATACMS missiles from the US to Ukraine would carry an unacceptable risk of escalating the conflict, he said the risk is now not as high as it used to be.