Sunday 7 April 2024 - 23:25

Israel May Be Faking Harm As Iran’s Revenge Looms

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Israel May Be Faking Harm As Iran’s Revenge Looms
A wave of fear and anxiety has engulfed the Israeli regime and community about the high probability that Iran will hit Israeli targets in revenge for the martyrdom of IRGC advisers in the Zionist army’s airstrike on the consular section of the Iranian embassy in Damascus.   

Meanwhile, Tasnim has obtained information that the Israeli regime is making things up to play victim, pretending that Iran’s possible strike will have missed the regime’s military and security targets, and fake an attack on residential and civilian areas.

The Zionist regime is reportedly creating fake scenes around the Ayalon Highway in Tel Aviv to pretend that Iran’s missiles or drones have targeted residential neighborhoods and inflicted human losses.

The Zionist officials, incapable of making a correct assessment of how Iran is going to take revenge, are considering decisions about various possible scenarios.

The Israeli regime has already closed many of its embassies around the world over fear of Iran’s retaliatory response.

The Zionist regime has also suspended leave for combat units and heightened its air defense command to deal with possible missile or drone attacks from Iran.

The Israeli military is reportedly considering reopening shelters in Tel Aviv as a precaution against a possible attack.

The Israeli regime’s warplanes launched a missile attack on the consular section of Iran’s embassy in Damascus on April 1, killing seven IRGC military advisers.

In a message on April 2, Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei said the Islamic Republic will make the Zionist regime regret this crime.