Monday 8 April 2024 - 08:41

Ayatollah Khamenei Raps West for Provision of Science for “Israel”

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Ayatollah Khamenei Raps West for Provision of Science for “Israel”
In a meeting with approximately 3,000 Iranian university students and representatives from political, social, cultural, and academic student associations on Sunday, Imam Khamenei stated that the country and the government’s main goal is to build a brighter future.

The Leader further called on students and student associations to provide innovative solutions to truly achieve this fundamental objective and advance the country without material or spiritual setbacks in future.

He underlined the fact that the three primary functions of universities include the education of scholars, the production of science, and giving direction to these two areas.

Imam Khamenei described the student environment as being joyful, dynamic, stimulating, challenging, and full of enthusiasm.

He emphasized the importance of examining the issues raised by the student association representatives during the meeting, and he also stressed that proposals should not only be analytical and well considered, but also realistic, well thought out, and contribute to solving problems.

In response to a speech delivered by one of the representatives of a student association regarding a change in the Leader’s perspective on “justice” over time, Imam Khamenei stated, “What has changed is that my insistence on justice has increased.”

While encouraging students to maintain the piety and purity they have gained during the Holy month of Ramadan, he emphasized the importance of avoiding sinful behavior since this is the key to maintaining these achievements.

Elsewhere in his speech, the Leader stated that knowledge is the main pillar of universities. While highlighting the three main duties of universities, he stated, “Universities worldwide are experiencing problems with the third duty, which involves directing the education of scholars and the production of science. Because of this, their products become tools in the hands of the Arrogant and Zionist Powers.”

Emphasizing the necessity of paying attention to these three important tasks by all elements of the university, including managers, professors, students, and textbooks, he attributed an important part of Iran's global credibility to the country's progress in science and technology. “We must enrich the country scientifically by maintaining this credibility, and of course, the Arrogant Powers do not want Iran to have this power and credibility,” he explained.

ImamKhamenei added that the country and the government’s main goal is to achieve “a brighter future than the present,” while emphasizing that in order to attain this important goal, specific ideals must be ascertained.

His Eminence considered the recognition of the country and the government’s current situation as a key initial step towards achieving the ideals of a better tomorrow.

He noted that some individuals are unaware of the fact that the current Revolutionary system was established after enduring challenging and complex battles against the oppressive regime of the past.