Monday 8 April 2024 - 08:45

Germany Faces Charges of Genocide Facilitation against Palestinians at UN Court

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Germany Faces Charges of Genocide Facilitation against Palestinians at UN Court
Germany faces accusations from Nicaragua at the top UN court that it is "facilitating the commission of genocide" against Palestinians through its military and political backing of Israel.

Nicaragua has hauled Germany before the ICJ, seeking emergency measures to halt Berlin's provision of weapons and other aid to Israel.

Sebastian Fischer, spokesman for the German foreign ministry, stated ahead of the hearings: "We reject the allegations from Nicaragua."

"Germany has violated neither the Genocide Convention nor international humanitarian law and we will demonstrate this in full before the International Court of Justice," Fischer added.

Nicaragua is set to present its case on Monday, with Germany scheduled to respond the following day, according to AFP.

In a 43-page submission, Nicaragua argues that Germany breaches the 1948 United Nations Genocide Convention by aiding Israel, thus facilitating genocide.

"By sending military equipment and now defunding UNRWA... Germany is facilitating the commission of genocide," states Nicaragua's submission.

Nicaragua highlights Germany's special relationship with Israel, emphasizing its capacity to influence Israel's conduct.

Nicaragua has requested the ICJ to issue "provisional measures" urgently, citing the lives of "hundreds of thousands of people" at stake.

The ICJ, designed for resolving disputes between nations, has become pivotal amid the Israeli war on Gaza launched on October 7, 2023.

In a separate case, South Africa has accused Israel of genocide in Gaza, a charge Israel denies.

In that case, the court ordered Israel to do everything in its power to prevent genocidal acts and recently toughened its stance, ordering additional measures obliging Israel to step up access to humanitarian aid.

Although the court's rulings are binding, it lacks enforcement mechanisms, as seen with its order to Russia to cease the invasion of Ukraine.

Nicaragua's request includes immediate suspension of German aid to Israel, particularly military assistance, and reversal of the funding halt to UNRWA.

Germany halted funding pending an investigation into Israeli accusations against UNRWA staff following the October 7 assault.

Nicaragua contends that while Germany may support Israel's response to the Hamas attack, it cannot excuse actions violating international law.

On Friday, German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock said that Israel had "no more excuse" to delay aid getting into Gaza.

The deadliest Gaza war commenced with Israeli attack in October 7, resulting in at least 33,175 Palestinians being killed and 75,886 wounded.

Israel waged its brutal US-backed war on the Gaza Strip after the Hamas resistance movement carried out its historic operation against the usurping entity in retaliation for the regime’s intensified atrocities against the Palestinian people.