Tuesday 9 April 2024 - 08:32

Hamas Slams “Israel’s” Obstinate Stance on Truce, Refusal to Meet Demands

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Hamas Slams “Israel’s” Obstinate Stance on Truce, Refusal to Meet Demands
In a statement released on Tuesday, Hamas appreciated the significant efforts made by Qatari, Egyptian and American mediators during the latest round of negotiations in Cairo.

Hamas is “keen to reach an agreement that ends the aggression,” it said, adding, however, that ‘Israel’ “remains obstinate and has not responded to any of the demands of our people and our resistance.”

The resistance movement, it noted, is responsibly studying "Israel’s" proposal and will deliver its response to the mediators once its review is completed.

Meanwhile, a Hamas official told Reuters that the Cairo negotiations have been at a deadlock due to “Israel’s” refusal to agree to a permanent truce, the withdrawal of its forces from Gaza, the unrestricted return of all Palestinians to the territory’s northern areas and the lifting of a 17-year-old blockade on the coastal sliver.

These steps take precedence over “Israel’s” demand for the release of captives in Gaza in exchange for Palestinian abductees held in the entity’s prisons, said the official who was speaking on condition of anonymity.

The source added that the proposal would also allow the return of displaced Palestinians to northern Gaza and the delivery of 400 to 500 trucks of food aid a day to its people.

A senior Hamas official said the resistance group showed “flexibility” in formulating its latest proposal for a Gaza ceasefire, but "Israel" provided a “negative” response to the offer.