Saturday 13 April 2024 - 21:19

Hezbollah Launches Missile Attack on Israel Regime Base

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Hezbollah Launches Missile Attack on Israel Regime Base
The Islamic Resistance of Lebanon announced that it had successfully launched a missile attack on the Zionist regime's Roysat al-Alam base in the occupied Lebanese hills of Kafr Shuba.

The Zionist source also reported that an Israeli was seriously injured following this missile attack.

The development comes as the Israeli regime's Air Force has attacked Hezbollah targets in four areas in southern Lebanon.

Hezbollah has been engaged in operations against Israeli positions at Lebanon’s border since October 8, a day after the regime unleashed its war on Gaza following Al Aqsa Storm Operation by the Palestinian resistance movement, Hamas, earlier that day.

Hezbollah says it has inflicted heavy losses on the regime, but Israeli authorities hide real numbers of military fatalities and the extent of the material damage caused.