Monday 15 April 2024 - 21:27

Biden Meets Iraq's Al Sudani Following Iran Attack on Israel

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Biden Meets Iraq
“Our partnership is pivotal for our nations, the Middle East and the world,” Mr Biden said from the Oval Office, The National News reports.

Mr Al Sudani said the visit comes at a "sensitive time".

“The relationship between the United States and Iraq is at an important juncture,” Mr Al Sudani said.

“We aim to discuss the sustainable foundations for a 360-degree strategic partnership."

He added that it was vital to ensure "a smooth transition from a military security-based relationship to a comprehensive economic, political, environmental, educational and security partnership according to the Strategic Framework Agreement".

The week-long visit, Mr Al Sudani's first since taking office, was supposed to focus on expanding bilateral ties, new economic opportunities and the exit of US forces from Iraq.

But Iran's unprecedented drone and missile attack on Israel on Saturday is likely to overshadow the visit.

“Together with our partners, we defeated that attack,” Mr Biden said from the Oval Office.

Tehran said the assault was in response to an April 1 missile attack by Israel on Iran's embassy compound in Damascus that killed two senior Iranian commanders and other officers.