Thursday 18 April 2024 - 10:30

Polish President Meets Privately with Trump in New York

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Polish President Meets Privately with Trump in New York
The Trump campaign described the two men as "great friends" and said in a readout of the meeting that they discussed a proposal by Duda that NATO countries spend a minimum of 3% of their GDP on defense, Reuters reported.

Duda, whose term in office expires in 2025, was one of Trump's preferred international partners during his presidency.

"I was invited by Donald Trump to his private apartment, so to speak... this is simply a private meeting in connection with my presence here in New York," Duda told reporters in New York.

Trump, who is on trial in New York over accusations that he covered up a "hush money" payment to pornographic actress Stormy Daniels, is in a tight race against President Joe Biden, a Democrat, ahead of the November presidential election.

Many European leaders have long been nervous that another Trump presidency would mean waning US support for Poland's neighbor Ukraine and the NATO military alliance.

"President Trump fondly recalled his landmark trip to Poland in 2017 and praised the Polish people for steadfast defense of their sovereignty and to their commitment to the security of Europe’s borders from any and all threats," the Trump campaign said in the readout.