Friday 19 April 2024 - 03:30

“Israel” Suffering A Mental Health Crisis

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“Israel” Suffering A Mental Health Crisis
This came as the War Ministry said in a closed briefing that out of over 7000 “Israeli” soldiers injured in Gaza, nearly 30% suffered from emotional harm. Of them, 60% noted that the war had primarily caused them emotional damage.

Indeed, post-traumatic stress disorder [PTSD] is one of the most common mental health issues that crop up as a result of conflicts and wars, such as the one “Israel” has been battling since October 7.

A roundtable meeting of several researchers in the healthcare field recently found that, since October 7, professionals in medicine, mental health, education and welfare, as well as first responders and rescue workers, face such difficulties in getting help to those who need it that many of them suffer from fatigue, apathy, burnout, stress, and distress.

In other words, those providing support for trauma patients are, themselves, traumatized.

A Maccabi Healthcare Services survey published at the beginning of the month found that one-third of the war’s evacuees reported a change in their health condition for the worse, and there was a 35% increase in the use of medications to treat depression or anxiety.

“Israel” was already suffering from a severe lack of access to psychological support before the war. The waiting time, on average, to see a psychologist was two months. The war has only exacerbated the issue and highlighted how desperately this aspect needs change.