Friday 19 April 2024 - 03:57

Iran FM Warns ‘Israel’ against Repeating Act of Adventurism

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Iran FM Warns ‘Israel’ against Repeating Act of Adventurism
“Iran’s legitimate defense and countermeasures have now ended. Therefore, the Israeli regime should be forced to stop repeating any further military adventures against Iran’s interests,” Amir-Abdollahian said at the Thursday meeting of United Nations Security Council which was held in UN headquarters in New York to discuss Gaza issue.

“Over the past months, the Security Council has held several meetings to deal with various types of war crimes and genocide by the Israeli regime against Gaza, which despite the adoption of three resolutions and a press statement requesting an immediate ceasefire, and the extensive and unrestricted delivery of aid to the people, have yielded no ‘practical result’ – I repeat – ‘no practical result’.”

“Security Council, had not taken any action during the past months to our official and repeated requests to prevent further attacks by the Israeli regime on Iran’s interests, centers and military advisories, due to the unfortunate and completely  irresponsible behavior of the United States, the UK and France, in response to this illegal attack, failed even to issue a mere statement containing a simple condemnation!”

“The Islamic Republic of Iran, which until recently had shown considerable restraint against other terrorist missile attacks bearing in mind the dire situation in the region and willing to give the role of the United Nations a chance to prevent the escalation of the conflict, was faced with the continuation of the White House’s green light granted to the Israeli regime as well as the continued inaction of the Security Council in preventing these attacks. Therefore it could no longer be patient against the attack on its Embassy and the attack on its sovereignty.”

“Therefore, Iran’s military attack on April 13th, was first and foremost, necessary because Iran had no other option; secondly, it was carried out in response to a series of attacks and recurring aggressions by the Israeli regime on Iran’s interests, especially on our Embassy in Syria; Thirdly, it took place in the fulfillment of Iran’s right to legitimate defense under international law; Fourthly, it was conducted by observing the criterion of non-aggression to civilian people and places; And fifthly, it focused solely on the two military bases of the Israeli regime which had been used in the attack on our Embassy, and therefore it was completely limited and proportionate in terms of scope and military requirements.”

“I would like to reiterate that the root of the Middle East crisis lies in the occupation of the historical land of Palestine and its comprehensive, just and permanent solution also lies in providing the necessary ground for the complete and free realization of the inalienable right of the Palestinian people to self-determination through holding a referendum among all the original Palestinian residents, including Muslims, Christians and Jews, with the help of the United Nations leading to the  establishment of a  government in the historical land of Palestine.”