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National Unity Boosted by Iran’s Anti-Israeli Operation: President

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National Unity Boosted by Iran’s Anti-Israeli Operation: President
In an address to the people of Damghan during a visit to the province of Semnan on Friday, President Raisi said the punitive ‘True Promise Operation’ that the Iranian armed forces carried out against the Israeli military targets on April 14 contributed to the Islamic Republic’s might and strengthened its national unity and solidarity.

“The enemies sought to create discord in the (Iranian) society, but this operation proved the power of the Islamic Republic’s establishment and the capability of our armed forces, indicated the steely resolve of our nation and the sapient Leader of the Revolution and the commander-in-chief of the armed forces, and became a manifestation of creation of unity and integrity in the country,” he added.

The president stated that all groups, factions and political currents unanimously believe that Iran’s retaliatory operation was a necessary and essential measure that resulted in unity and brought glory and might to the country.

In the early hours of April 14, the IRGC Aerospace Force launched tens of missiles and drones in retaliation for the Israeli regime’s April 1 airstrike that killed seven Iranian military commanders and advisers in Syria.

The IRGC commander said authentic reports about the Iranian missiles that have hit the Israeli targets indicate that the retaliatory operation has been considerably more successful than expected.