Tuesday 23 April 2024 - 07:10

Iran: Potential EU Sanctions A Gift to Israel

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Iran: Potential EU Sanctions A Gift to Israel
Addressing a plan announced recently by the European Union to impose more sanctions on Iran over the retaliatory attack‌ against the Zionist regime, Kana'ani told reporters on‌ Monday the bloc would be “rewarding the aggressor” if it slapped such measures against Tehran.

“Should they take [such] measure, it would go down in Europe’s history as a reprehensible action,” he told reporters on Monday.

Kana’ani reminded the EU that its previous sanctions against Iran had failed to hinder the country’s progress. 

“The policy of sanctions is a failed policy,” the diplomat continued, advising the bloc to “learn from the past".

In mid-April, the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) launched a military operation against the Israeli-occupied territories using hundreds of drones and missiles in ea.

The strikes came nearly two weeks after an Israeli raid on Tehran's consulate in Damascus martyred seven Iranian military advisors.

Iranian officials stated that they had “more success than expected” with the barrage. They described the "Operation True Promise" as a “necessary and proportional” punitive mission that has hit military targets within the occupied territories.

Tehran stressed it does not seek an escalation of regional tensions and no more military action against the Zionist regime is on the agenda at the moment, but warned that Israel will receive much harsher response than the recent drone and missile strikes if it insists on crossing the Islamic Republic's red lines.

Elsewhere in the presser, Kana'ani expressed surprise that Brussels could go ahead with sanctioning Tehran over its legitimate retaliation against the Zionist regime, but had so far stopped short of levying any punitive measures against Tel Aviv over the latter’s atrocities in the Gaza Strip, where more than 34,000 Palestinians have been killed in the past six months.