Tuesday 23 April 2024 - 20:38

Sayyed Safiddine: Future to Change after Al-Aqsa Flood, Iranian Response on ‘Israel”

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Sayyed Safiddine: Future to Change after Al-Aqsa Flood, Iranian Response on ‘Israel”
“Look at how the enemy dealt with the Iranian response,” he added. “Don’t let anyone say the US put pressure on ‘Israel’ and asked it not to respond strongly because this response does not have guaranteed results and could take the region to places with undesirable consequences.”

Sayyed Safieddine further stressed that if “Israel” and the US thought a strong response to the Islamic Republic would not result in even stronger retaliation from Tehran, they would have carried out a large attack.

“The Americans and the Europeans would have supported an ‘Israeli’ response because they are all malicious and plotting against the Islamic Republic just as they plot against the resistance in Palestine and all the resistance movements in the region,” he added.

In parallel, the Hezbollah top official underlined that for the past five years the “Israeli” enemy has been working on building an equation, whereby they kill here, target a truck there, and bomb the Iranians. They were building an equation inside Syria by targeting the Iranians or even inside Iran, until they went too far and were hit with a single strike from the Islamic Republic that may destroy everything they built.

The head of Hezbollah’s Executive Council explained that “the enemy has begun to feel helpless and accept that returning the settlers to northern occupied Palestine has become impossible or almost impossible for them, and this is what we aspired for.”

“Let this enemy know full well that the resistance has not decided to expand the war even though it is ready for that,” he said, pointing out that the resistance “entered this battle to support the oppressed people of Gaza and fought a battle over a period of seven months along a 100-km front. This is completely unprecedented.”

"This resistance, which possesses these heroes, weapons, and capabilities, and which has revealed some of its weapons in this battle, entered this battle only to impose conditions on the 'Israelis' and tell them: If you try to fight a large battle, the answer would be broader, longer, and more profound, and will have greater effects on your entire usurping entity.

Sayyed Safieddine concluded that “After the [Al-Aqsa] Flood and the clear Iranian attack on the usurping entity, many things will change in the future. Let us be ready for that moment and for those days. Perhaps God Almighty will bring them closer. Anything other than this is a waste of time.”