Wednesday 24 April 2024 - 09:52

Abu Obeida: Resistance to Continue until Liberating Every Inch of Occupied Land

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Abu Obeida: Resistance to Continue until Liberating Every Inch of Occupied Land
Abu Obeida made the remarks in a statement on Tuesday.

“Iran's response in its size and nature, set new rules and disrupted the calculations of the occupation,” he said, calling on the masses of the Palestinian nation “to escalate their supportive movement for the resistance.”

In addition, he hailed “every military and popular effort that joined Al-Aqsa Flood, particularly the fighting fronts in Lebanon, Yemen and Iraq.”

Abu Obeida also denounced as a “big lie” the “Israeli” entity’s claim that its forces have eliminated all resistance factions, stressing that the occupying entity was unable, in 200 days, “to achieve anything other than mass massacres, destruction, and killing.”

He said the “criminal” entity seeks to improve its image, but it will achieve nothing but humiliation and it is still caught in a quagmire in the Gaza Strip, emphasizing that after 200 days, the resistance has remained as strong and firm as a mountain.

The spokesman also vowed that the resistance will continue its fight against “Israel”.

“Our strikes and resistance will continue as long as the occupation’s aggression or its presence continues on any inch of our land.”

“We will not give up the basic rights of our people, most notably withdrawal [of ‘Israeli’ forces], lifting the siege, and the return of the displaced to their homes,” he said, stressing that the resistance will remain faithful to the sacrifices of Palestinians.

The Resistance figure further underlined that “The families of the ‘Israeli’ occupation captives will too late realize that their fascist government has committed a disaster and tragedy.”