Thursday 9 May 2024 - 21:35

“Israelis” in the North Eye Secession from the Entity!

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“Israelis” in the North Eye Secession from the Entity!
According to the “Israeli” Walla! news website, “They are tired of the government ignoring the seven-month long war on the border with Lebanon, the 80,000 displaced settlers who are far from being able to return to their homes.”

“This comes as the entity’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is dragging his feet in passing the budget promised for strengthening and rebuilding the north,” it added.

During a meeting of “Israel’s” Conflict Zone Forum, the members chose “Israel’s” so-called “Independence Day” to declare the establishment of the “State of Galilee” and unilateral secession from “Israel”. This extreme step will be accompanied by additional actions that they are planning.

The last straw was Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's answer at the cabinet meeting to Benny Gantz's question, as published by “Israel’s” Channel 12. Gantz wondered if the “residents” would return to their “homes” on September 1, for the start of the school year, and Netanyahu replied, "What will happen if they return a few months after September 1?"

Netanyahu's words greatly angered the settlers and the heads of the settlements’ authorities, who decided it was time to take the gloves off. The current step comes after the members of the forum published protest ads in early April, in which they launched a public tender to locate the “Israeli” government.

“A public tender to locate a government in ‘Israel’!” one ad read. “The Conflict Zone Forum hereby invites proposals to be submitted to an alternative government in ‘Israel’ as detailed in the tender documents” another one read.

Another captured the growing frustration of settlers reading, “The full details of the tender can be found in the evacuated hotels and the accommodation apartments of the displaced throughout the country, with the owners of businesses that collapsed in the north, in the dead tourism areas in the north, and in the offices of the authorities in the north.”

The Conflict Zone Forum stated that the government had committed to transfer 3.5 billion ‘shekels’ to the north a few months ago, and added in the margin: “Tender guarantee: in the amount of 3.5 billion ‘shekels’.”