Thursday 9 May 2024 - 21:39

Palestine Calls for Global Action Against “Israel’s” Planned Assault on Rafah

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Palestine Calls for Global Action Against “Israel’s” Planned Assault on Rafah
In letters sent on Wednesday to the UN chief as well as the presidents of the Security Council and the General Assembly, Mansour highlighted the dire situation in Rafah as the entity appears poised to mount an all-out military offensive against the overcrowded city.

He said that the international community must “immediately act to halt the planned 'Israeli' attack on Rafah”.

Under international law and UN resolutions, the Security Council is duty-bound to “demand an end to the ‘Israeli’ aggression, which poses a serious threat to international peace and security,” he added.

The apartheid “Israeli” entity waged a genocidal war on the besieged Gaza on October 7 after the Palestinian Hamas resistance group carried out the historic Operation Al-Aqsa Flood against the occupying entity in retaliation for its intensified atrocities against the Palestinian people.

The Tel Aviv regime has so far murdered at least 34,844 Palestinians, mostly women and children, and injured 78,404 others.

On Tuesday, “Israeli” troops took control of the Palestinian side of the Rafah crossing between Egypt and Gaza, a vital lifeline for aid to enter the territory. “Israeli” officials said it was the first step towards a full-scale assault on Rafah, home to around 1.5 million Palestinians who have been displaced due to the Gaza onslaught. Mansour said there is no justification for the “Israeli” entity’s inhuman acts, which have led to “indescribable suffering” of thousands of Palestinians in Gaza.

He further emphasized that immediate action must be taken to make the apartheid “Israeli” entity commit to its international obligations in accordance with a ruling issued by the International Court of Justice [ICJ].

In January, The Hague-based court ordered the apartheid “Israeli” entity to take all measures to prevent genocidal acts according to the 1948 Genocide Convention.

The “Israeli” entity has blatantly defied the call, with prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu saying that the entity “will never accept any attempt by the ICC" to undermine what he called the right to defend itself.

The apartheid “Israeli” entity is not a member of the court and does not recognize its jurisdiction.