Friday 10 May 2024 - 11:36

Iraqi Resistance Strikes Israeli Airbase in Solidarity with Gaza

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Iraqi Resistance Strikes Israeli Airbase in Solidarity with Gaza
The Iraqi Islamic Resistance, a coalition of anti-terror fighters, revealed their strike on the Ovda Airbase, located in the southern occupied territories, approximately 40 kilometers north of the port city of Eilat.

The strike, executed with drones, was declared in support of Gaza's people and in condemnation of Israeli atrocities against civilians, including women, children, and the elderly.

The coalition's action came “in support of our people in Gaza, and in response to the massacres committed by the usurping entity against Palestinian civilians, including children, women, and the elderly,” which erupted after the Israeli regime's offensive following an operation by Gaza's resistance groups, the Iraqi forces said.

Israel's military offensive, backed by the United States, has resulted in widespread devastation in Gaza. The toll of the Israeli war has been staggering, with over 34,900 Palestinians, predominantly women and children, losing their lives.

In a statement, the Iraqi resistance pledged to persist in targeting Israeli strongholds. The latest strike adds to a series of similar actions conducted by the coalition throughout the conflict. Just days earlier, the group claimed responsibility for a drone attack on a significant target in Eilat, emphasizing its pro-Palestinian stance.

The coalition expanded its targets, striking the Mossad's "Glilot" intelligence center in Tel Aviv using advanced "al-Arqab" cruise missiles.