Saturday 11 May 2024 - 21:43

US Army Apache Copter Crashes, Injures 2

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US Army Apache Copter Crashes, Injures 2
The hospitalized soldiers were members of the Army's 1st Infantry Division, public affairs officer Lt. Col. Jefferson Grimes told Newsweek in a statement. They were flying an AH-64 Apache helicopter during the 1st Combat Aviation Brigade's gunnery training when the incident occurred.

"The crew is receiving all necessary medical treatment," Grimes told Newsweek. "They are in stable condition."

The circumstances of the crash have not been announced yet. The incident remains under investigation.

Apache AH-64 helicopters require a two-person team in order to fly. One person flies the aircraft and the other operates the weapons systems.

Powered by twin turboshaft engines, Apache helicopters can swiftly navigate through various terrains, from dense urban environments to rugged mountain ranges, with impressive speed and agility. The robust airframe, equipped with sophisticated avionics and sensor systems, enables pilots to engage targets with precision-guided munitions, including Hellfire missiles, rockets, and a 30mm chain gun.

Fort Riley is in the Flint Hills Region of Kansas. There are around15,000 active duty service members assigned to Fort Riley.