Sunday 12 May 2024 - 22:36

America’s Recognition of the Israeli Regime’s Breach of International Laws

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America’s Recognition of the Israeli Regime’s Breach of International Laws
The report indicates that there is "reasonable" evidence suggesting Israel's violation of international laws. The US State Department did not specify a particular incident regarding this matter.

According to the report: Considering Israel's significant reliance on defensive equipment manufactured in the US, a logical conclusion is that Israeli security forces have utilized such equipment in ways that contradict their commitments under international humanitarian law regarding approaches aimed at reducing harm to non-combatants, from October 7th onwards.

Additionally, the report highlights that Israel possesses the knowledge, expertise, and resources to implement "best practices for minimizing harm to non-combatants in military operations." However, field evidence, including a high number of non-combatant casualties, raises significant doubts about the effective utilization of these practices by the Israeli military across all instances.

In its report, the US State Department addressed the issue of aid delivery to Gaza, indicating that the current assessment of the United States government is not suggesting that the Israeli government has impeded or limited the transfer or distribution of aid to Gaza.

Vedant Patel, the Deputy Spokesperson for the US State Department, remarked on Monday: "We have identified that five Israeli military units have breached international humanitarian laws in the West Bank."

The US State Department spokesperson mentioned: "We are engaged in discussions with the Israeli government regarding this issue, and all infractions occurred prior to October 7, 2023 (Operation Al-Aqsa Storm)."

He asserted: "Israel has implemented corrective measures for four units. Ongoing negotiations are being conducted with one unit, and America's decision will be reached upon the conclusion of these deliberations."