Sunday 12 May 2024 - 22:38

Guardian: Israel Is Facing a Diplomatic Tsunami

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Guardian: Israel Is Facing a Diplomatic Tsunami
The Guardian newspaper covered a "diplomatic tsunami" in an article, highlighting the challenges faced by the Zionist regime due to the heightened attacks during the Gaza conflict and the unprecedented surge in violence by settlers against Palestinians in the West Bank.

The article noted the imposition of sanctions by European capitals against Zionist entities and individuals, portraying it as a form of global isolation for the regime. It also mentioned that while the United States has suspended the shipment of heavy ammunition to the occupying regime at the request of "Benjamin Netanyahu," the Prime Minister of the Zionist regime, for military operations against Rafah, Ireland and Spain have pledged to formally recognize the Palestinian government.

Furthermore, there is mounting pressure in Europe to boycott goods and products originating from Zionist settlements, and Turkey has announced a complete severance of its trade ties with Tel Aviv.

In South America, the Israeli government has also observed diplomatic ties being severed by several countries or their efforts to decrease communication. The Guardian reports that following Bolivia, Colombia becomes the second South American nation to discontinue relations with the occupying regime.

Simultaneously, the International Criminal Court is preparing arrest warrants for top officials of the Zionist regime, including Prime Minister Netanyahu, over actions in Gaza.

The Israeli military's offensive in Gaza has prompted the International Court of Justice to establish a separate tribunal in The Hague to investigate claims of genocide by the Israeli government.

Despite Israeli officials' hopefulness about alleviating international pressure, The Guardian notes that these pressures and sanctions are significantly impacting Tel Aviv, which grapples with economic challenges stemming from the conflict.

These diplomatic shifts coincide with mounting opposition from American and European universities against the Israeli regime due to its destructive actions in Gaza and the loss of civilian lives. Demonstrators call for an end to Israel's lethal tactics and urge global condemnation.