Tuesday 14 May 2024 - 21:22

US Military Challenging Russia and China amid Size Reduction

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US Military Challenging Russia and China amid Size Reduction
The US Special Operations Forces (SOF) say they are experiencing a "renaissance," adapting to irregular warfare in the context of heightened great power competition. But in reality the command is facing cuts as the US military's ability to project power wanes.

US special forces are currently shifting from counterterror operations to potential great power conflict with Russia and China, according to Asia Times.

Sergeant Major Shane Shorter, the US Special Operations Command's (SOCOM) senior enlisted leader, claimed earlier this month that "the demand for SOF to support strategic competition has increased year-over-year by over 30 percent", while "crisis response events have increased over 150 percent."

SOCOM leaders insist that the command may play a key role in the US bid to strategically outpace Russia and China.

The US military and politicians have recently placed special emphasis on what they call "convergence of adversaries," referring to evolving cooperation between Russia, China, Iran and North Korea.

US experts argue that special operations could prove especially useful because they help avoid direct confrontation with nuclear-capable adversaries, instead employing irregular warfare, information operations and foreign internal defense.

Asia Times particularly referred to Washington's increased deployment of SOF on the island of Taipei for a possible confrontation with China.

Leaked Pentagon documents and US investigative journalists have shed light on US special forces deployments in Ukraine during Russia's special military operation.