Friday 24 May 2024 - 13:59

Soldiers are Exhausted: “Israel” is Begging Fighters via Facebook

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Soldiers are Exhausted: “Israel” is Begging Fighters via Facebook
According to “Israeli” reports, military commanders are circulating a post on Facebook groups, announcing their search for “fighters with specific training.”

“A call to the community. We are looking for fighters and armed individuals who understand the size of the arena and the challenges. Talk to us,” the post reads. “The time spent on the task led to the creation of a professional team with a lot of experience and high cohesion, a serious atmosphere, and a realistic approach and interest in each task. Our team represents the entire ‘Israeli’ society and special bonds are created within it.”

“Israeli” i24News contacted the commander of the department that shared the post. He explained that “there are soldiers who are exhausted, and we are looking for active people. We are simply searching online for people who want to help.”

 “The ‘Israeli’ army spends a lot of time fighting, and we want to make changes among the combat soldiers, so that we share the burden well among everyone,” he added.

The news comes as the Palestinian resistance continues to inflict heavy losses on “Israeli” troops.

“Israel’s” “Yedioth Ahronoth” newspaper reported on Thursday that hospitals recorded a significant increase in the number of wounded soldiers amid increased activity in the Gaza Strip. Meanwhile, the “Israeli” army admitted losing 634 officers and soldiers since the beginning of the war on the Gaza Strip. More than 3,573 have been wounded, some of them seriously.

The “Israeli” media revealed that officers, as well as male and female soldiers in the “Israeli” military are refusing to return to the frontlines and are trying to secure exemptions by claiming to suffer from health conditions.