Sunday 26 May 2024 - 21:03

Qassam Brigades Destroys Israeli Forces in Gaza’s Jabalia

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Qassam Brigades Destroys Israeli Forces in Gaza’s Jabalia
Qassam Brigades reported that a Merkava 4 tank in northern Gaza's Jabalia was targeted with a Yassin-105 rocket, as the Israeli military continues its genocidal operation in Jabalia, which began earlier this month and has resulted in mass displacement of Palestinians, exacerbating the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

Israeli onslaught across Gaza claim 51 lives, including 10 Palestinians seeking refuge at the Nazla primary school in Jabalia, predominantly children, underlining the grim toll of the conflict.

The Israeli escalated attacks in Jabalia prompts widespread displacement, with Palestinians fleeing amid dire conditions, compounding the humanitarian crisis in northern Gaza.

The Israeli military's expansion of its ground operation forced citizens and displaced individuals to vacate al-Faluja and Beit Lahiya areas, exacerbating the plight of those already uprooted from Jabalia.

The people, already displaced from eastern Jabalia to al-Faluja and Beit Lahiya, face further displacement amidst relentless Israeli military operation, lacking adequate shelter and uncertain of their next refuge.

The residents endure dire conditions marked by incessant gunfire and artillery shelling, exacerbating the humanitarian crisis in Gaza's northern regions.

On Saturday, Qassam Brigades spokesman Abu Obeida stated that Hamas fighters "lured a Zionist force" into a tunnel and "killed, wounded, and captured" an unspecified number of people in northern Gaza's Jabalia camp. The Israeli military denied the claim, but Hamas later released footage of the attack.