Sunday 26 May 2024 - 21:19

Trump Vows to Stop ‘Biden’s March to WWIII’

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Trump Vows to Stop ‘Biden’s March to WWIII’
The Republican frontrunner argued that by financing “other people’s wars” the US is increasing the likelihood of a global war, and promised to end such funding, RT reported.

Speaking at the Libertarian Party’s national convention in Washington DC on Saturday, Trump claimed that under the current leadership, the US is turning into a “failed nation” and promised to restore “peace and stability” if he returns to the White House.

He named the main priorities as ending the border crisis, stopping the waste of US taxpayer dollars on funding foreign militaries, and protecting “American sovereignty from the creeping hands of global government.”

“We will say freedom, prosperity, and capitalism in America,” Trump said, addressing the cheering crowd. “And before I even arrive at the Oval Office shortly after we win the presidency I will have the horrible war between Russia and Ukraine settled so we quit spending hundreds of billions of dollars to fight other people’s wars and so that we start immediately saving thousands and sounds of lives,” he added.

“I am committed to restoring peace and stability and to stopping Joe Biden’s march to World War Three,” he continued, warning that a potential global war would be “like no other” because of the “massive weaponry” and claiming that he is “the only one” who can stop it.

Although Trump did not elaborate on how he plans to end the Russia-Ukraine conflict, he previously told Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban that he had a “detailed plan” and pledged to end the hostilities “in 24 hours.”

“If the US will not provide the money, Europeans on their own will not be able to finance this war, and then the war will end,” Orban said in an interview earlier this year, adding that Trump proved himself to be “a man of peace.”

Earlier this week, the Pentagon revealed an additional $275 million aid package for Kiev amid Russia’s offensive in Kharkov Region, and hinted that it could greenlight strikes “deep into Russian territory” using US-supplied weapons.

The move sparked criticism from Moscow, with Russia’s ambassador to the US, Anatoly Antonov, saying Washington is not interested in restoring peace in Europe and “is doing everything to prolong the conflict and increase casualties on the Russian and Ukrainian sides.”