Thursday 6 June 2024 - 08:44

“Israeli” Official: Hezbollah is Humiliating Us with Great Efficiency

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“Israeli” Official: Hezbollah is Humiliating Us with Great Efficiency
In an interview with Zionist Radio 104.5FM, Hacohen discussed the security situation in northern occupied Palestine, stating "I did not enter into hysteria, ‘Israel’ is in a state of war on all its land, and we are reasonably agitated, because Hezbollah is humiliating us in a very efficient manner, and this is a great art for the likes of Nasrallah.”

He further added: “We must unite in this war for our existence, grasp the need for leadership and common understanding, and acknowledge the concepts that existed before October 6.”

In parallel, the former military official underlined that “In order to achieve victory, we must understand the magnitude of the situation we are in.”

He then discussed the threats made by Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich, so-called “National: Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir, and War Cabinet member Benny Gantz to withdraw from the government if Netanyahu agrees to a ceasefire deal in Gaza.

He emphasized that “we are in a fateful hour, and this is not a time for political games or for threats of quitting, as this is not how things work in these critical times.”

In a message to the settlers in northern occupied Palestine who are preoccupied with the date of their return to their homes: “War is not a contractual dispute between a client and a contractor seeking a key.”

We must grasp the assumptions behind our involvement with Hezbollah: “US hopes that calm in Gaza will extend to the north are uncertain, no one can guarantee this assumption.”