Sunday 9 June 2024 - 01:39

Some Israeli Captives Killed during Regime’s Attack in Nuseir

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Some Israeli Captives Killed during Regime’s Attack in Nuseir
Abu Obeida was speaking on Saturday hours after the Israeli regime attacked the camp, located in central Gaza, and rescued four captives. The attack left at least 210 Palestinians dead, according to the Gaza government office.

Hamas’s military spokesman said that the Nuseirat attack represents a “complex war crime, and that the first to be harmed by the Israeli regime are its captives.

“The enemy was able to free some of its captives by committing horrific massacres, but at the same time, it killed some of them during the operation”, Abu Obeida said.

The operation will pose a great danger to the enemy captives and will have a devastating impact on their conditions and lives, according to Al Jazeera's report.

Hamas took some 250 captives, including Israeli settlers, during its unprecedented Al Aqsa Storm Operation on October 7. About half were released in a weeklong ceasefire in November. Nearly 120 captives remain in Gaza, with 43 announced dead by the Palestinian resistance group.