Sunday 9 June 2024 - 08:36

Hezbollah Launches Falaq 2 against Israeli Positions

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Hezbollah Launches Falaq 2 against Israeli Positions
The Islamic Resistance in Lebanon carried out several operations against the Israeli occupation, on Saturday, in response to its attacks on the steadfast southern villages, and in support of the Palestinian people and Resistance in the Gaza Strip, Lebanese Al-Mayadeen Network reported.

In response to the targeting of civilians, especially in the town of Aitaroun, which led to the deaths of two citizens and the wounding of others, the Resistance targeted a building belonging to the Israeli occupation's military intelligence in the Misgav Am settlement using appropriate weapons. Hezbollah hit the building directly, leading to its destruction, setting it on fire, and causing a number of casualties inside.

In retaliation for the recent Israeli attacks that targeted the towns of Markaba and Aitaroun, the Resistance bombed the headquarters of an Israeli battalion in the Beit Hillel barracks with a barrage of Falaq 2 rockets.

Furthermore, the Resistance also targeted another building used by Israeli occupation forces in the Metula settlement with appropriate weapons, achieving a direct hit. Similarly, the Resistance also targeted another building used by occupation forces in the Kfar Yuval settlement using rockets. These operations were in response to the attacks on the Lebanese town of Khiam.

The Resistance also targeted a group of Israeli occupation forces who were attacking with phosphorus shells and setting fires in the forests opposite the town of Ramya with rocket weapons, achieving direct hits.

Meanwhile, the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon announced the martyrdom of two of its members who were killed and ascended on the path to al-Quds: Ahmad Ali Yusuf (Sadeq), and Radwan Ali Issa, (Bilal).

The Israeli regime has repeatedly attacked southern Lebanon since October 7, when it launched a ferocious war on Gaza that has killed at least 36,731 Palestinians, most of them women and children.

In retaliation, Hezbollah has launched near-daily rocket attacks on Israeli positions.