Tuesday 11 June 2024 - 06:59

Hezbollah Strike Kills Zionists in North of Occupied Lands

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Hezbollah Strike Kills Zionists in North of Occupied Lands
The attack led to killing a number of Israeli forces and left some others wounded, Al Mayadeen quoted Hezbollah as saying in its Monday statement.

As the statement read, Hezbollah encountered the Israeli army to support the people in Gaza and the Palestinian resistance.

The attacks were also in response to the aggression of the Zionist regime’s army against the villages in south of Lebanon, Al Mayadeen reported.

Hezbollah targeted two buildings where the Zionist military forces had been settled, according to the statement.

During the past months, Hezbollah has been targeting the Israeli military bases in north of the occupied Palestine due to the regime’s crimes and genocide.

Its anti-Israel measures have made the occupying settlers evacuate the area.

After eight months of massacre in Gaza, Israel has not yet achieved its two goals which were annihilation of the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas and release of the Israeli captives.

From the outset of war in Gaza in October 2023, over 37,000 mostly women and children have been killed in the enclave.