Monday 31 January 2011 - 06:38
Islam Times Exclusive:

Blackwater Employee arrested in Pakistan

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Blackwater Employee arrested in Pakistan
Islam Times reports that Raymond Davis was presently working as a technical advisor in one of the American government agencies locate in Lahore. But, in reality, he was the chief of blackwater missions in Lahore. He had relations with people who have histories of violence inside and outside of Lahore and was seen carrying bags full of money around them.
Raymond Davis would carry an advanced gun and radio with him at all times. Through this radio he was informed of all of the Blackwater activities in Lahore. He was fluent in Urdu and Peshtu.

Yesterday, he fired on normal civilians from within his car. Two people were killed. While escaping he crashed into a motorcycle killing another. Currently he is in Pakistani custody and will be tried for intentional murder.

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Translator : Aabid Waqar
Source : Islam Times