Wednesday 18 December 2019 - 07:44

Egyptians and Saudis to Syria under American Supervision to Steal Oil

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Egyptians and Saudis to Syria under American Supervision to Steal Oil
And the Turkish "Anatolia" news agency, in its Arabic publication, quoted local sources in Syria as saying: "15 Egyptian and Saudi engineers arrived at the Omar oil field, which is under the control of the Kurdish armed groups in the countryside of the Deir Al-Zour province, east of Syria."

The local sources, who requested not to be named, stated that the group of engineers and technicians arrived in the region on Friday evening by US helicopters.

the Source explained, "The group's mission is to rehabilitate the field, increase its production of oil, and train its workers." The agency noted that the management of the "Al-Omar" field, which is affiliated with "SDF" and appointed by the American occupation, announced last week its need for specialized workers to work in the field.

She pointed out that the "Omar" field is the largest Syrian oil field, and its production before the outbreak of the crisis in Syria, in mid-March 2011, reached 27 thousand barrels per day.

In turn, opposition websites reported that the arrival of this team to the Al-Omar field came at a time when information talks about the possibility of the Saudi regime starting investing in this field through its Aramco company.

The websites quoted unnamed private sources as saying that "Aramco" intends to invest the oil fields and wells in Deir Al-Zour, pointing out that "Aramco" has taken practical steps in this regard, as an official mission from the company recently arrived at the Omar oil field.

The news comes after the Russian newspaper "Nezavisimaya" revealed on the third of this month, a delegation from "SDF" visited Saudi Arabia, which is considered the most prominent supporter of terrorist organizations in Syria, in order to discuss the future of the militia-controlled areas.