Saturday 19 November 2022 - 20:46

40 Years On, ‘Israel’ Re-investigates Martyr Ahmad Kassir’s Self-sacrifice Operation

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40 Years On, ‘Israel’ Re-investigates Martyr Ahmad Kassir’s Self-sacrifice Operation
‘Israeli’ Walla! news website reported that the occupation authorities decided to form an investigative team of the Shabak, the army, and the police, to examine materials related to the circumstances surrounding Tyre’s first catastrophe in 1982, in which 91 ‘Israeli’ occupiers were killed, among which were officers, soldiers, and the military governor himself.

“The decision to form the investigative team after 40 years on the incident was taken amid the accumulation of additional information and having obtained modern technological tools through which it would be possible to find a base for a renewed inspection of the incident,” according to Walla! news.

Although Hezbollah has claimed responsibility for this heroic operation, announced the name of the person behind it, Ahmad Kassir, and assigned its date as an annual celebration for the party’s Martyr’s Day all over Lebanon, during which Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah delivers a speech to mark this glorious day in the history of the Resistance, yet the Zionist enemy still sticks to the narrative of ‘gas leak’ that it claims is the reason behind the massive explosion that turned the eight-story building into rubble. All such attempts aim at avoiding a confession of the defeat that forced the enemy to withdraw from vast territories in South Lebanon.