Saturday 13 April 2024 - 12:42

Mall Stabbing in Australia Leaves Multiple Deaths

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Mall Stabbing in Australia Leaves Multiple Deaths
Earlier, New South Wales police confirmed that a “critical incident” took place following the shooting of an unidentified man in the area. They added that officers scrambled to the scene after receiving reports of multiple people being stabbed.

NSW Police Assistant Commissioner Anthony Cook said it appears that the attacker was alone.

“As he moved to the center, he engaged with about nine people, and it’s clear that during that engagement he caused harm to those people, we believe by stabbing them with a weapon he was carrying,” the officer told the media. He added that an inspector who was nearby tried to stop the man, and had to shoot him dead when he raised the knife against her.

“I’m advised that there are five victims who are now deceased,” he said, adding that several others have been admitted to the hospital, with some in serious or critical condition. Among those injured, he added, is a small child.

The official declined to speculate as to what the motive behind the stabbing was, but did not rule out that the incident was meant to be a “terrorist” attack.

Disturbing footage from the scene shows what appears to be a man armed with a knife chasing mallgoers. Other images from the area appear to show the suspect neutralized by the police.