Monday 10 June 2024 - 02:17

Iran FM Spox: US, Zionist Regime Biggest Losers on Gaza Battlefield

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Iran FM Spox: US, Zionist Regime Biggest Losers on Gaza Battlefield
"The Zionist regime, with all its military capabilities, lost its political influence on the battlefield against the Palestinian nation, and the big loser in this battlefield against the Gaza people, is not only the usurping regime but also is the American government," said Nasser Kan'ani, the spokesman of the Iranian Foreign Ministry said. 

The spokesman added that now it is time for the nations and governments in the world to hold to account the American government, as a full supporter of the Zionist regime, and prosecute the Zionist regime on the international stage. 

The supporters of the Zionist regime have to answer to the awakened consciences of the international community, the public opinion of the world, as well as the international legal and judicial bodies, he said.

Kan'ani continued to stress that the nations are better supporting the Palestinian nation than their governments, highlighting the role that the media plays in that regard.  

According to the spokesman, supporting the oppressed Palestinian nation today is a global duty, adding that the Axis of Resistance and the resistance movements in the region have proven that they are resolved to effectively support the oppressed Palestinian nation and will not surrender to the pressure exercised by big powers.