Tuesday 16 April 2024 - 21:41

EU Warns Israel; Regional Confrontation Is in No One's Interests

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EU Warns Israel; Regional Confrontation Is in No One
The EU's only strength is its diplomatic power of conviction. It's obvious that some member countries have more influence over Israel than others, notably Germany, which has excellent relations with the Israelis. The Americans could, if they wished, use other resources, notably through their arms deliveries to Israel. In the past, they have already taken binding decisions. But today, I don't think they want to use the levers at their disposal, Josep Borrell has been the European Union's (EU) high representative for foreign affairs told Lemonde.

Borrell made the remarks in reaction to a question about the role of the EU in contributing to appeasement in the Middle East following Iran-Israel development.

The EU's political aim is to avoid escalation. It's like a game of chess, with each side advancing its pawns. Israel attacked an Iranian diplomatic representation in Syria, Iran retaliated. Now it's Israel's turn to react.

But we are warning Israel that it is in everyone's interest that there should be no regional confrontation. This is also what we said to the Iranians the day after the attack on the Damascus consulate: it's in nobody's interest, and especially not in the interest of the Gazans, that there should be a regional conflict because that would mean that the war would not end.