Sunday 21 April 2024 - 23:34

Haaretz: Israel’s War Cabinet Has Lost Control

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Haaretz: Israel’s War Cabinet Has Lost Control
In a recent analysis, Haaretz, the Hebrew newspaper, discussed the turmoil within the Zionist regime in the Gaza conflict zone, particularly following retaliatory actions by the Islamic Republic of Iran against anti-Zionist factions in the occupied Palestinian territories. The article highlighted that Israel's war cabinet appears to have lost control, raising concerns about further escalation of regional conflicts, which could pose significant risks.

In the same section by Zionist analyst "Ravit Hecht," Haaretz underscored that Iran's actions against Israel exacerbate the crisis in the Gaza conflict and the issue of captives, placing everything in jeopardy. Additionally, the analyst suggested that if Israel pursues further measures against Iran, it could foster greater unity among anti-Israel fronts (resistance groups), attracting more adversaries. Under such circumstances, Yahya Sinwar, the leader of Hamas in Gaza, could emerge as a prominent figure in an organized and trained coalition, supported by Russia, posing a significant threat to Israel.

The author of the article asserted: "Should this scenario unfold, Sinwar will refuse to engage in any negotiations aimed at resolving the prisoner issue. Under such circumstances, even military pressure on Hamas would prove ineffective. Additionally, discussions regarding an assault on Rafah have become a source of ridicule, eroding Israel's credibility and significantly reducing its deterrent capability."

In reference to the international isolation of the Zionist regime following the atrocities committed against civilians in Gaza, the author highlighted a direct link between the growing call for humanitarian assistance to Gaza and Israel's diminishing reputation on the global stage. Israel is increasingly perceived as a war criminal that intentionally subjects two million Palestinians to hunger.

The aforementioned Zionist commentator cautioned: "Even President Joe Biden, who is dedicated to supporting Israel, faces considerable pressure to alter his position. Presently, Israel's war cabinet leans on evaluations from security and intelligence bodies asserting that the regional situation will not escalate against Israel. However, it's crucial to note that the members of this cabinet were caught off guard by an Iranian retaliatory attack.

Moreover, this article underscores that Israel failed to take accountability for this incident (its failure to anticipate Iran's maneuvers), let alone the devastation on October 7. The stark reality is that Israel's war cabinet is singularly fixated on seeking revenge, lacking any persuasive rationale for their actions despite the grave ramifications and hazards Israel confronts.

The Zionist writer additionally sounded an alarm regarding heightened tensions against the Zionist regime, warning that the present irrational conduct of Israel's war cabinet significantly heightens the prospect of Hezbollah's involvement in a broad-based conflict against Israel; a conflict that has left Israelis reeling for over six months, compelling settlers to abandon their homes.

Continuing his examination of the news, he imposed strong criticism against Zionist authorities, stressing that the war cabinet has relinquished control, with its members driven solely by personal motivations, devoid of any coherent strategy, and driven solely by a thirst for vengeance, all without presenting any rationale for their actions, which pose considerable risks to the Zionist regime.